Our functionalities


DocFlow is the workflow functionality within ctrl that makes it possible to digitize your document flows. Whether you want to file a TAX return or financial statement digitally with or without SBR (Standard Business Reporting), or any random document to your client. DocFlow supports you and your clients with simple but powerfull workflows, adds activities for your clients, monitors deadlines and generates alerts for your employees, so they can act proactively.


Ctrl analyses your data automatically to inform you about possible chances and threats at your clients. The results of these analyses are available from day to day in the Alerts dashboard. Based on these alerts you will know every day where you have to focus on and this will make it possible to proactively communicate to your clients and/or colleagues.


Ctrl Drive is the solution to easily store and share documents between you and your clients. Furthermore, with ctrl Drive it is also possible to easily interact with your clients and/or colleagues via the platform. In ctrl Drive you can easily create new folders, manage permissions to folders, start a workflow for a specific document and many more functionalities.


PBCL is a smart time saver solution to extract data of your clients in a structured way. You do not have to think about which data you will need and you can monitor easily the PBCL progress in dashboard. The PBCL supports several compliance processes like for the compilation of TAX returns, financial statements and the Audit. PBCL is fully automated, innovative, proactive and complete.


With the integrated ctrl online management report functionality, you can offer your clients real-time online management reports. These reports are linked to the (online) bookkeeping of your clients, and every night these reports will be automatically updated with the latest data. Also you are able to configure specific KPI's which will be monitored by the Alerts functionality.


With ctrl dashboard you will get access to the functionalities of ctrl, for example tasks, alerts, PBCL, ctrl Drive and financial reports. Furthermore, you will find direct (SSO) links with cloud applications you and your clients are using, such as your online bookkeeping, your hr- and salary application and your software for digital invoicing.

Year plan

With the year plan functionality it will be easy for you to look further than only the financial statement and/or declarations. In this way you can estimate what the needs of your client are throughout the year and which agreements you have made with your clients. Year plan keeps you up-to-date as soon as important moments are in sight, so you never have to miss a moment that matters to your client again.


A search-engine-optimized landing page, via which you can offer your products and services to your clients and visitors. You can decide by yourself in which way you want to promote your products and services in your own webshop; on request, for a fixed price or based on a price that visitors will get by filling in some details.


Thanks to ctrl management it will be possible for you to easily connect your clients to the platform yourself. It will also be possible to give client users access to (parts) of your ctrl platform, and offer client access or access to functionalities to your colleagues. Ctrl management can be connected to your CRM/HR system to automatically exchange client data and employee data with the ctrl management system.